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Local Equipment Rental Company Can Handle Your Job, Large or Small

All of your equipment rental needs can be met by contacting Gaston Rentals with 4 stores located in Gastonia NC, Mooresville NC, Shelby NC and Conover/Hickory NC to handle professional construction projects or help out the Do-It-Yourself’ers!br />
Equipment rentals fall into several categories and can be always modified for specific job requirements and Gaston Rentals can supply the following for your next project:

  • Forklift Rentals – Heavy loads of materials can be safely and quickly lifted and transported to the desired location by using an appropriate size forklift. This type of equipment is often rented by our industrial customers for their manufacturing and warehousing needs. We are please to now be an Authorized Lull Dealer, to provide the very best in Lull Forklifts for your next job!
  • Excavators – Our pristinely maintained excavators are often rented for large landscaping assignments as well as demolition, river dredging and mining. This rental equipment comes in a variety of sizes and is driven by hydraulic pumps for better efficiency.
  • Tractor Rentals – Our agricultural and construction clients prefer to rent the tractors. This powerful equipment is especially useful for plowing, tilling and planting when dealing with large areas of land.
  • Trencher Rentals – Trenchers consist of different digging components and are typically used for installing drainage, pipes and cables. This highly technical equipment needs to be handled with care. Our specialists provide all necessary information and technical support for trencher operators.
  • Truck Rentals – Our construction rental company provides an option of dump truck and water truck rentals. Our dump trucks are used for transporting loose materials, such as sand and gravel. Our water trucks can carry up to 2,500 gallons of water for various reasons including delivery to a construction site or help with replenishing ponds and fountains.
  • Pressure Washer Rentals – Our high-velocity pressure washers are perfect for removing loose paint, mud, dirt and mold from surfaces such as concrete, stone or wood. The cleaning process can be completed rapidly with a minimal effort required from the operator by obtaining this rental equipment.

Over the years, all of our customers have greatly benefited from our reliable equipment rentals. The service alleviates the need to purchase and maintain the machinery. In addition, projects of any size can be completed quickly and efficiently at a low cost putting more money in your pocket for each new job.

We stand behind our promise to have the equipment ready as specified in the contract. All equipment is armed with safety features to meet the requirements of the industry. Contact us to rent equipment from our local store locations!

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